Top insurance tips to save thousands in 2010

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Save over £1,315 by following these top ten insurance tips from

Insurance is a vital part of everyday finances for us all; but there is no need to pay over the odds for it, especially at a time when seasonal spending takes over our finances. reveals quick and easy ways to save a typical family over £1,315 on their insurance.

Despite reports Brits are expected to spend half what they did in 2008 on Christmas this year*, "Mega Monday" saw them spend a whopping £1.4million online in one minute**, with total sales expected to reach over 400million***. To make up for this Christmas splurge, UK's leading price comparison site reveals ten top tips to save on everyday insurance policies.

Steve Sweeney, insurance expert at, said: "While insurance is essential for financial security and peace of mind, it is important Brits only opt for a level of cover relevant to their needs, and at the best available price. Many people make the mistake of over-estimating the level of cover needed on their home and car insurance for example. At a time when we are likely to be splashing out on Christmas presents, it is important people remember that their outgoings can be trimmed by shopping around and taking several easy steps to reduce their insurance premiums.

"Across the board on standard insurance products, a family could see impressive savings of over £1,315 in 2010 - a great kick start to the New Year."

Motor Insurance:
Top tip 1 -  Younger drivers can make  huge savings by adding an older driver to their policy - save £611.
Top tip 2 - Shop around for the best value deal for your circumstances - save £157.
[Based on the average saving made when using to shop around for motor insurance]
Top tip 3 - Add a partner - save £39.
Top tip 4 - Halve your mileage by car-pooling with a colleague - save £12. 
Top tip 5 - Opt for fully comprehensive motor insurance rather than third party only cover - save £90
Total = £909.

Home Insurance:
Top tip 6 - Pay annually instead of monthly - save £13.
Top tip 7 - Shop around for the best value deal for your circumstances - save £116
[Based on the average saving made when using to shop around for home insurance]
Total = £129.

Life Insurance:
Top tip 8 - Give up smoking - save £238 on insurance.
[In order to be classed as a 'non-smoker' and qualify for life insurance premium savings, insurers insist smokers have kicked the habit for a full year.]

Travel Insurance:
Top tip 9 - Choose the best deal from an independent provider rather than accepting the standard deal from your travel agent - save £33.
Top tip 10 - Choose annual rather than single trip policies if planning to travel abroad more than once a year - save £6
Total = £39

- Ends -

Notes to editors:




Motor insurance                      
Scenario: Male 01.01.1964, Ford Focus 06 NJ56 0TX Parked on Drive £250 excess 5 years no claims financial advisor) M20

Top tip 1 - Young driver adding an older driver to policy


Premium with £250 excess


Premium with Parent with £250 excess







Young Driver aged 20 - 1 year no claims - telesales            
Parent aged 45 - 5 years no claims - housewife  

Top tip 2 - Shop around

Average amount saved by shopping around


Top tip 3 - Add partner


Lowest Premium on Own with £250 excess


Lowest Premium with Partner with £250 excess







Female 01.01.1964 Housewife

Top tip 4 - Mileage


Premium at 10,000 miles with £250 excess


Premium at 5,000 miles with £250 excess







Top tip 5 - Fully comprehensive cover


3rd Party Only


Fully Comp


Auto direct





Home insurance                                             
Scenario: Market Value = £170,000 Rebuild Value = £90,000, Contents = £35,000 Milton Keynes MK5 7AN Nacoss Alarm, 2 Smoke Alarms £35,000 contents 3 Bed Semi-Detached built in 1980 5 years no claims £100 excess)                                                                 

Top tip 6 - pay annually instead of monthly 


Annual premium with £100 excess

Monthly Payment over 12 Months with £100 excess






Top tip 7 - Shop around

Average amount saved by shopping around


Life Insurance                         
Scenario: 45 year old male Level Term £100,000 over 25 years  

Top Tip 8 - Give up smoking


Annual Premium
Non Smoker

Annual Premium


Legal & General




Travel Insurance                     
Scenario Couple - two weeks to Spain



Elect Travel Insurance
Essentials Single Trip


Thomas Cook
Economy Single Trip - Europe




Top tip 10 - Single Trip vs Annual



Single trip


Elect Travel Insurance
Essentials Single Trip to Spain for 1 weeks


Holiday Extras
Supersaver Single Trip to Portugal for 1 weeks


Simply Travel Insurance
Bronze Single Trip to USA for 2 weeks




Annual trip


Bronze AMT Worldwide




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