Oz rules as Ashes result sees flight prices plummet

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Capitalising on the patriotism sweeping the nation following England's victory over Australia, British Airways and Quantas have joined forces to offer cut price fares to Australia based on the first innings scores of the second test, with the number of seats determined by the amount of runs scored by the opposing team.

Bob Atkinson, travel expert at travelsupmarket.com comments on the offer and result: "It's great to see both companies joining forces to the benefit of the consumer on this joyous sporting occasion. By making long haul destinations such as Australia available to hundreds of holidaymakers at such a great prices, both British Airways and Quantas have demonstrated an admirable level of sportsmanship.

"The competition has attracted thousands of visitors to both websites and could potentially boost business for them overall. Even in these difficult economic times its great to see airlines getting on board with some old fashioned sporting patriotism. "

Both British Airways and Qantas were giving away 425 flights to Sydney for £215 - a reduction on a typical fare of £730. The offer was available on 21 July, 2009 on British Airways flights from 10am, and Qantas flights from 8am.


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