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  • Mortgages most affordable for 10 years

    It is cheaper to own a home than it has been for a decade, yet many people continue to pay over the odds for their mortgages.

    Laura Howard

    Updated: 11 January 2012

  • What will happen to house prices in 2012?

    The property market has proved remarkably resilient in recent months, despite the increasingly gloomy economic backdrop. House prices rose by 1% nationally in 2011according to

    Jessica Bown

    Updated: 28 December 2011

  • Take control of your finances

    After what has been a pretty miserable year financially, most of us will be hoping that 2012 gets off to a better start.

    Melanie Wright

    Updated: 21 December 2011

  • Focus on: 2.89% three-year fixed rate mortgage

    In these difficult times, Chelsea Building Society's new 2.89% fixed rate mortgage can provide homeowners with peace of mind that their payments won't change for three more fe

    Laura Howard

    Updated: 07 December 2011

  • Fix your mortgage at 4.99% for 10 years

    With the Bank of England expected to hold interest rates at 0.50% for at least another year many homebuyers and those remortgaging are looking to lock into a fixed rate mortga

    Melanie Wright

    Updated: 24 November 2011

  • New affordable housing plan - will it help you?

    First-time buyers struggling to get on the property ladder finally received some good news this week, after the government announced plans for a new affordable housing strateg

    Laura Howard

    Updated: 22 November 2011

  • Act now to snap up the cheapest mortgages

    UK interest rates might still be stuck at 0.5%, but the economic crisis in Europe is pushing up the cost of our mortgages with the best deals disappearing fast.

    Laura Howard

    Updated: 11 November 2011

  • What is an offset mortgage?

    With the Bank of England Base Rate stuck in 'freeze frame' at 0.5% and inflation hitting a record 5.2% in September, Britain's savers are feeling increasingly hard done by as

    Laura Howard

    Updated: 03 November 2011

  • 10 tips to beat financial woes

    In the face of fresh economic uncertainty and rising living costs, it's little wonder that near three-quarters of us are worried about our current financial situation - but th

    Laura Howard

    Updated: 11 October 2011

  • Should you fix your mortgage at 1.99%?

    The cost of fixing your mortgage for two years has fallen to an all time low and Leeds Building Society is offering the chance to fix your mortgage payments at en eye-watering

    Clare Francis

    Updated: 05 October 2011

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