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  • Cheap ways to fund DIY

    In the UK, birds begin nesting in March. It's funny, then, that we humans start thinking about making improvements to our own 'nests' at around the same time.

    Mark Hooson

    Updated: 17 April 2013

  • Funding for Lending scheme to be extended

    If you're a borrower, life is pretty good right now. Thanks to the Funding for Lending Scheme, which provides cheap funds for banks to lend with, mortgage and loan rates have

    Rachel Wait

    Updated: 12 March 2013

  • 10 most common debt myths

    Many of us have some sort of debt, whether we're using an overdraft, spending on a credit card or have just taken the biggest loan of our lives in the form of a mortgage.

    Rachel Wait

    Updated: 06 March 2013

  • What have rock-bottom interest rates meant for you?

    On March 7, the Bank of England base rate will have sat at a record low of 0.5% for four years. But while borrowers have been reaping the benefits, for savers, the low rate ha

    Rachel Wait

    Updated: 28 February 2013

  • Grab lowest ever 5% loan rate in 'spring sale'

    If you are in the market for a medium-sized personal loan, there's some good news in store.

    Laura Howard

    Updated: 18 February 2013

  • Best for Business: Top deals for borrowers and savers

    Last week, our Best for Business series focused on the best current accounts and credit cards for your business. This week, we're taking a closer look at the best places to st

    Rachel Wait

    Updated: 13 February 2013

  • Cash in on the best money deals in history!

    Historically low interest rates are hitting savers hard. Yet if you're a borrower, you couldn't be in a better position right now.

    Rachel Wait

    Updated: 05 February 2013

  • Focus on: Now Derbyshire reduces loan rate to a record 5.1%!

    The battle in the personal loan field continues to rage on, which is great news for anyone looking to borrow.

    Clare Walsh

    Updated: 31 January 2013

  • Act now on PPI as banks seek complaints cut-off

    Now's the time to check if you were mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI). The UK banks that did the mis-selling are pushing for a deadline on compensation claims in a b

    Robert Adungo

    Updated: 21 January 2013

  • Loan deals of the century!

    If you need to borrow money, whether it's to make home improvements, buy a new car or pay off existing debt - you are in line for the cheapest deals this century.

    Rachel Wait

    Updated: 18 January 2013

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