Jeremy Clarkson voted 'Top Gear' of celebrity house sitters

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Despite having a bit of a reputation for destroying things (mainly caravans), motoring expert Jeremy Clarkson topped a recent poll as the celebrity most people would like to look after their house while they are away on holiday.

Users of Britain's number one comparison site,, backed Clarkson over other potential celebrity house sitters including X Factor judge Cheryl Cole, BBC One Show presenter Christine Bleakley and property expert Sarah Beeny. Almost a third of the respondents voted in favour of leaving him in charge of their home.

The full results were:

  1. Jeremy Clarkson (28%)
  2. Christine Bleakley (23.9%)
  3. Sarah Beeny (23.8%)
  4. Cheryl Cole (14.2%)
  5. Lord Alan Sugar (6.3%)
  6. Wayne Rooney (3.7%)

Clare Francis, site editor of said: "I'm surprised Jeremy Clarkson topped the list especially with Sarah Beeny in the running and her background in property. I have a sneaky suspicion that many of us may be keener to see the car that he turns up in, rather than thinking about his ability to look after the house. Having a Ferrari parked on the drive would definitely give the neighbours something to talk about!

"Although it would be nice to have the opportunity to have a celebrity house sit while you are away, many of us won't ever have that luxury. If you are leaving your property empty for any period of time, then make sure you have adequate home contents insurance in place to protect you while you are away. Most policies cover you for leaving your property empty for around 30 days a year, but if your property will be empty for longer, then you should inform your insurer."


Notes to editors:
Poll carried out between 21st and 28th May with 1182 respondents.

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