Kawasaki Motorbike Insurance

Kawasaki Motors – named after its founder Shozo Kawasaki – has been designing and manufacturing motorbikes since 1954.  The product range includes offerings from sport bikes to super sport, cruiser/utilities to motocross and a popular selection of ATV's (all terrain vehicles).

The brand is known for its ability to build bikes which are lightweight and versatile, packaged with a sturdy frame with plenty of power to offer the rider at an affordable price.

Perhaps the most well-known motorcycle is the ZZR-R1100 which was a top seller for five years during the 1990s.  Kawasaki also made history in 2000 when it released the ZX-12R, a super bike with the ability to outrun a dirt bike on the track with a ready and willing 175BPH to offer the rider.

Kawasaki remains a popular choice and many will be familiar with the trademark green livery appearing on many of its bikes and the best selling Ninja range of bikes which are still a favourite today.Whichever model you opt for you're sure to be pleased with your choice, but how can you save that all important money when it comes to sourcing Kawasaki motorbike insurance?

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As with any insurance policy, a large proportion comes down to your risk factor.  Ensuring you do the following can help to ensure you find a cheap quote and keep costs down:

  • Cap your mileage - by ensuring you rack up as little mileage as possible you will receive the benefit of cheaper insurance.
  • Store your bike securely - ensure your bike is kept in a locked garage when not in use.
  • Reduce your speed - keeping an eye on your speed will ensure you receive no penalty points for speeding and ensure a cheaper renewal.
  • Minimize wear and tear - thrashing your Kawasaki could lead to an accident and will most certainly hit your wallet hard.

One final piece of advice is to always shop around. Getting quotes from a range of companies can ensure you pay as little as possible and this is where moneysupermarket.com can make things a great deal easier when renewal time comes around.

We compare Kawasaki motorbike insurance policies from a number of well known UK insurers to find you a quote that suits you.