Honda Motorbike Insurance

If you are looking for Honda motorbike insurance then you'll be glad to know that here at we compare a wide range of insurers to help you find a competitively priced bike insurance policy.

Whatever you use your Honda motorbike for, whether it be; social, domestic, pleasure or commuting, can help you to find a competitive quote from our panel of over 30 insurers.

Whether you are looking for fully comprehensive Honda motorcycle insurance, 3rd party fire and theft or simply 3rd party cover, you will find a variety of options to cater for your needs.

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How to find a suitable Honda motorbike insurance policy

Is the cover level adequate: The level of cover you receive can vary substantially from policy to policy. Third party is the most basic of the cover levels and will pay out for damage you cause to a victim or their property should you be at fault.

3rd party fire and theft includes the addition of theft and fire damage cover as the name suggests. Theft is one of the statistically highest risks for a motorbike owner.

A fully comprehensive policy covers damage to yourself and your motorbike in addition to the other person/s involved but doesn't cover absolutely everything despite its name.

How will you pay: Ask yourself how you plan to pay for your cover; do you wish to pay monthly or will you pay for the policy as one lump sum. The latter can save you money over monthly payments as some insurers add interest or give a discount for payment in full.

Optional extras: Some policies include more extras as standard and many give the option to add additional cover. The following features may be optional; breakdown cover, legal cover, insurance for your leathers/helmet and European cover.

What are the pitfalls: The most common pitfall for bikers is modification; some policies allow minor changes to the motorbike whilst others are much stricter.

Mileage is sometimes limited on certain policies so you should investigate this carefully should you anticipate high annual mileage. Security can be a key consideration as some insurers will require a minimum level to be adhered to.

Lastly, don't forget to check the excess amount you will pay should you need to make a claim as this can vary wildly between policies.

How to get cheap Honda motorcycle insurance

Limit your mileage: Insurance is the business of risk assessment so minimising your annual mileage will lower you premium price. Be careful to report this as accurately as possible as overestimating will cost you in the long run and underestimating can land you in trouble.

Improve security: Security is of key concern with regards to Honda motorbikes for reasons previously stated. Using an approved Disc lock, alarm system or immobiliser can drastically decrease the cost of your insurance. Storing your bike in a locked garage or outbuilding overnight will also decrease the policy price in the majority of cases.

Build up a no claims discount: For each claim free year you enjoy, you will be awarded a no claims bonus - up to a maximum of 5 years. Each successive year will usually increase the level of discount an insurer applies to your policy.

Increase your excess: As previously mentioned, in the event of you having to claim on your policy, you will more than likely have to pay out an excess before the insurer will settle the claim. Increasing the voluntary excess on your policy will decrease the annual cost of the premium but keep this to a level you can afford should the unexpected occur.

Shop around: With many insurers to choose from in your search for Honda motorbike insurance, it makes sense to shop around to get a number of quotes to compare; usually saving you money in the process.

Following the above tips should help you to reduce the price of your Honda motorbike insurance quote whilst finding a policy with the features you require. To compare over 30 motorcycle insurers, simply click the "Get a quote now" button above.