Part one: Why do I need buildings and contents insurance?

Why do you need home insurance? What does buildings insurance cover? How much should I insure my buildings for? Our FAQ is here to help...

Why do I need buildings and contents insurance?

You need both buildings and contents insurance to ensure that every aspect of your home is covered in the event of burglary, fire or weather damage.

The buildings aspect covers the structure of your home, which is basically the property as you bought it before you moved your belongings in.

The contents aspect covers your furnishings and possessions, in short, anything that you would take with you if you were to move house.

While not strictly a legal requirement, if you have a mortgage, valid buildings insurance will be part of your mortgage agreement so it is essential that you have cover in place.

If you are buying a property you need buildings insurance from the date of exchange, not the date of completion as you will be liable for anything that happens to the house from that time.

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01 December 2011
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