Broadband Speed Test

What is a broadband speed test?

A broadband speed test allows you to check the upload and download speeds of your broadband connection, allowing you to discover exactly how quickly you can both retrieve and send information to and from the internet.

A higher download speed means that you can access information faster, whilst a higher upload speed will allow you to do things like upload photos and videos more quickly. As a rule, your download speed should be significantly quicker than your upload speed, and most people should download more data than they upload.

Why should I test my broadband speed?

A free broadband speed test is a fantastic way of testing the speed at which you can access information online, meaning you can check how accurate your broadband provider’s claims are. This is an easy way of making sure you are getting what you pay for!

Our broadband speed guide can help you to work out why you might be getting a lower speed than you think you should be getting – and if you're not happy with the speed you are currently receiving you might be able to find a cheaper or quicker broadband connection using our broadband availability checker.

How do I check my broadband speed?

Here at, we want to make sure that not only can you save money, we also want it to be as easy as possible for you to do so. As such, you can use our simple broadband speed test to quickly and easily find out how fast your connection is.

Before you begin, make sure your connection is not being used for anything else - This includes online video games, downloading music, streaming video or other tasks - if possible, only have this window open. This will ensure the test is accurate and isn't being impeded by anything - otherwise this is like testing the top speed of your car whilst driving into a heavy wind!

  • Step One: Enter Your Postcode
  • Step Two: Select your current broadband provider, and give them a rating from one to five stars.
  • Step Three: Click start and allow the test to run

Once the test is complete, we will provide you with your upload and download rates, make a note of these. Once your speed test results have been generated, you can compare them to speeds in your area, or view a profile of your street to see what broadband speeds people nearby are getting.

Please note, your broadband speed can vary throughout the day based on how many people in your area are currently using the internet. As such it is worth performing a number of tests at different times of day in order to obtain an average speed.

How does the broadband speedtest work? works with Think Broadband to bring you our speed test. The test is actually quite simple, and is performed in two parts. Part one works by downloading a temporary file to your computer, and measuring how long it takes to complete this task. Once this is done, the same file is then uploaded to the internet and the amount of time that takes recorded.

Once the speed test has collected this information, your speeds will be displayed to you as Megabits per second (Mbps) - the higher the number, the quicker your connection.

The speeds provided by our broadband speed test may vary from your true speed – this is due to a large number of factors that unfortunately we cannot control. Use our test for an indicative idea of your download and upload speed, but do not use it as conclusive evidence.

What should I do once I have tested my broadband speed?

Once the broadband speedtest has provided you with your results, you should know whether or not you are receiving the speed you are currently paying for. If you believe you are not getting value for money, you may want to consider switching providers to either obtain a higher speed or a cheaper product, depending on what the reason for your slow speed is - it could be a problem with the provider or your connection, amongst other things.

You can use our street map data to check the broadband speed of other people in your area are getting - this might help you decide whether switching to a different provider is the right move, as you can see what other companies are providing nearby to you.

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