Broadband Speed Test

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What is a broadband speed test?

If things don’t seem quite right when you’re surfing the web a broadband speed test might come in handy to find out if you’re getting the speeds you’re paying for.

Broadband speed tests offer a simple, quick and easy to understand way of finding out just how your internet is coping, and is a great barometer if you’re thinking about switching.

Why should I test my broadband speed?

A free broadband speed test is a fantastic way of testing the speed at which you can access information online, meaning you can check how accurate your broadband provider’s claims are. This is an easy way of making sure you are getting what you pay for!

Our broadband speed guide can help you to work out why you might be getting a lower speed than you think you should be getting – and if you're not happy with the speed you are currently receiving you might be able to find a cheaper or quicker broadband connection using our broadband availability checker.

How do I check my broadband speed?

It’s all very simple; all you have to do is enter your location by post code, your internet service provider (ISP) and your email address, and we’ll test your internet connection to find out just how fast you’re really going.

Often the speed that your ISP advertises isn’t consistent, slowing down in peak times and sometimes only reaching the maximum level occasionally. Using our broadband speed test, we’ll give you the accurate figures to help you make a decision if you’re planning on switching.

How does the broadband speedtest work?

When testing your broadband connection’s speed we take into account two different figures; download speed and upload speed.

Download speed is essentially how quickly your connection gets data onto your computer from the internet. So for example, streaming a TV show, downloading a song or even just opening a web page force you to download data- the higher the number in the test, the better your internet connection is.

Upload speed dictates how quickly you can put something on the internet, including uploading a video or song, or even sending an email. Again, the higher this number the better.

Normally download speed will be many times faster than upload speed, so don’t worry if your upload speed is smaller than your download score. When both of these numbers are combined, you get your full broadband speed result, giving you a view to what you’re actually getting in terms of internet speeds.

What should I do once I have tested my broadband speed?

If you’re happy with your broadband speeds and you’re getting the speeds you are paying for, you need not do anything else!

Of course, if you’re unhappy with your results and you’re paying over the odds for it, you can take a look at our selection of broadband deals to help you start the switching process. Either way, doing a broadband speed test is completely free and non-committal, we’re just happy to help!

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