Unlimited Broadband and weekend calls

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  • Broadband provider
  • Product
    Unlimited Broadband and weekend calls
  • Term
    12 months
  • Incentive offer
    £2.50 a month for 12m, then £9.95.

Award winning broadband with unlimited usage allowance. Includes weekend calls to UK landlines and 0870/0845 numbers. Enjoy 2-4-1 cinema tickets every Wednesday. Free EE Bright Box router, delivery is free if you order online or £6 if you order by phone. Line rental £11.00 a month if you pay for a year upfront, otherwise £15.75 a month.

What's included

  • Yes Home Broadband
  • Yes Home Phone
  • No Digital TV

Package costs

  • Monthly cost
  • Line rental (requires payment of 12 months upfront by a single debit card payment)
  • Line rental (without upfront payment)
  • Equipment cost
  • Connection cost
  • Delivery cost
  • Discount
  • First year cost
  • First year cost with line rental

This broadband package includes:

  • Download speed [?]

    Download Speed

    This refers to the pace at which your internet will process data for you (i.e. when browsing the net, download or streaming content). The more 'Mb' the faster your internet might be and the quicker you will be able to move across the internet. For users wanting to browse the net and little more, any package offering up to 20 Mb or more should be sufficient.

    17 Mb
  • Download limit [?]

    Download Limit

    The download limit refers to the amount of data the provider will allow you to download in any given month. Lower users might typically manage with a lower cap; however, higher users may want to consider unlimited packages.

  • Technology
    ADSL [?]

    Connection Types

    3G & 4G: Mobile phone technology that includes services and applications with faster access to the web.

    ADSL: Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line - the technology that allows you to receive broadband using existing telephone networks. It works like a very fast telephone line that is always connected to the internet. By converting data more efficiently over a wider frequency range than a computer´s modem, ADSL makes the line much faster.

    Cable broadband: Much like cable television and telephone services, broadband is carried through a fibre optic cable buried under the ground.

    Fibre optic: Utilising the latest cable technology Fibre Optic Broadband can deliver speeds up to six times faster than ADSL lines.

    Satellite broadband: An alternative to ADSL that uses a satellite connection to provide a permanent connection to the internet.

Home phone includes:

UK landline calls

  • Daytime
    Not included
  • Evening
    Not included
  • Weekend
  • Includes 0870 / 0845 Numbers

Digital TV includes:

No Not included


  • No Sports
  • No Movies
  • No HD
  • No Entertainment
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