Eclipse Internet

Eclipse started 15 years ago as a small business and is today part of the KCOM Group. Eclipse specialises in business solutions and in 2008 won the Best Business ISP Award. Home broadband packages are also available and Eclipse is focused on providing great value for money, exceptional reliability and great customer support.

Eclipse Internet broadband

With so many cheap broadband deals to choose from, more and more consumers are looking beyond the pricing to find the best deal and instead putting the emphasis on customer service. After all, the cheapest is not always the best and the aim for most customers is to find a provider that is both cheap and reliable.

Eclipse Internet broadband certainly fits that bill and it has a list of accolades to prove it. The provider won the Best Consumer Broadband at the ISPAs in 2007 and was also highly acclaimed at the PC Pro Awards for its reliability and service. These aren’t one-off awards for the company either - it has been earning recognition year in and year out and is one of the most highly acclaimed broadband providers in the forums.

The company was actually established in 1996 when it offered dial-up services. It moved into the broadband market in 2001 and is now owned by Kingston Communications PLC.

Currently, there are two residential broadband packages to choose from at Eclipse.

Who is Eclipse Internet broadband ideal for?

Anyone who wants a highly-recommended broadband provider with proven consistent quality of customer service should take a look at the Eclipse range. All types of users are catered for across the four options of the two packages - with Option One on home broadband being adequate for most light home users and Option Four better suited to large families or heavy users.

What do you need to get Eclipse Internet broadband?

  • A BT phone line.
  • A USB modem or a wireless router - all Eclipse Internet packages come with a free router and Option Four includes a free wireless router.
  • PC users require Windows Millennium 2000 or above while Mac users need 8/9 or higher, or Mac OSX.

What else does Eclipse Internet broadband have to offer?

Eclipse has a host of incentives including free anti-virus and spam protection along with free email addresses, webspace and an online account to keep track of your service. Eclipse also offers phone savings too, as customers of its broadband packages can sign up to Eclipse TalkMore and enjoy unlimited calls starting at just £5.99/month.

Set-up for all Eclipse Internet packages is free and contracts last for twelve months. There is also the freedom to move between the options for each product - so for example, if you start out with Option One but feel you need a higher download limit you can easily move to Option Two, etc.

Despite all of the awards, the most notable praise for Eclipse Internet comes from their consumers themselves. So if you're not happy with your current service check out these Eclipse offers and move to one of the most reliable providers around.

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