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MoneySuperMarket’s Guide to BT Broadband

Thinking about taking BT Broadband? Here’s what’s on offer and what you need to know.

BT Broadband

BT is the daddy of the broadband game – and has recently added BT Mobile and BT Sport Europe to its portfolio of residential offers. Currently, BT owns the vast majority of the broadband cabling in the UK and leases this out to the other major providers. So, you’re likely to get as good a service with BT as you are with any of the major providers – but there are a fair few extras things to think about with BT Broadband.

So what does BT offer?

ADSL Broadband Yes
Fibre Optic Broadband Yes
Calls packages Yes
TV Yes (via YouView box)
Mobile Phones Yes
BT Sport Yes
Sky Sports Yes (Sky Sports 1 and 2 are available for BT Infinity customers)

ADSL Broadband

BT offers ADSL broadband – sometimes referred to as standard broadband.

This is currently the most popular and widely available type of broadband in the UK, reaching speeds of up to 17Mbps per second.

ADSL broadband is transmitted through standard copper telephone cables meaning that the further you are from your local telephone exchange the less likely you are the receive the ‘up to’ speeds advertised.

Fibre Optic Broadband

BT offers two different speeds of fibre optic broadband, up to 38Mbps and up to 76Mbps – as part of their Infinity packages.

As this type of broadband is transmitted through fibre optic cables your distance from the exchange doesn’t matter nearly as much as with traditional ADSL broadband, and you should get more consistent speeds. The BT fibre network is now available to more than 22 million homes and businesses – more than three quarters of UK premises.

BT’s fibre products are great for those who want to do data intensive activities such as streaming high quality video (Netflix, YouTube), those who game online or those who have multiple users logged on at any one time.

Calls package

With BT Broadband you can take a calls package with your broadband deal but you can also get a broadband deal from BT without.

So whether you’re someone who makes a great deal of calls or not make sure you pick a deal with the right allowance of calls for you.


BT’s TV deals come via the YouView box; this is a great bit of kit that gives you over 70 Freeview channels and will allow you to pause and fast forward TV. 

It also has a hard drive meaning you can store your favourite TV shows.

Mobile Phones

BT’s creatively named BT Mobile is a great proposition for those already on BT Broadband.

Specialising in SIM only (you keep your handset); BT Mobile offers incredibly competitive 4G mobile bundles.

BT Broadband customers get £5 off their mobile bundle and access to the BT Sport app.

BT Sport 

As you would imagine, BT is the best place to get BT Sport.

BT Broadband customers currently get BT Sport 1 for free; BT TV subscribers though get the full complement of BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2, BT Sport ESPN and BT Europe too.

Sky Sports

For BT customers wanting Sky Sports, Sky Sports 1 and Sky Sports 2 are available for an additional fee to BT TV customers with Infinity broadband but other Sky Sports channels such as Sky Sports F1 are not.

Top BT deals

Online exclusive Broadband & Phone

Top PickTop Pick Deal

Unlimited BT Infinity 1 and Weekend Calls £10.99 a month for 12m, then £26.

Includes £125 BT Reward Card.

Up to 52 Mb per second

Unlimited usage

£10.99 Per month + £18.99 line rental

Deal ends on 27th Oct

Online exclusive Broadband & Phone

Broadband and Weekend Calls £4 a month for 12m, then £15.

Includes £75 BT Reward Card.

Up to 17 Mb per second

12 GB usage

£4 Per month + £18.99 line rental

Deal ends on 27th Oct

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