BE Broadband

BE Broadband offer ADSL broadband services through a BT phone line with speeds reaching up to 24Mbps making them the fastest mainstream ADSL ISP in Britain. The initial service that was provided in the areas of London, Birmingham and Manchester has been rapidly expanded to incorporate most of Britain.

BE broadband

For most internet users, the main reason to switch to broadband was to enhance the speed of their connection.

Initial broadband speeds were around 10 times faster than dial-up - but with improvements in technology come raised expectations and now many users see those comparatively quick speeds as slow. That is why one provider markets all its products around one outstanding feature - lightning fast speeds.

BE broadband (also known as 'Be*') was the first broadband provider in the UK to offer speeds of 24Mb. Though it began life in October 2004 as an independent ISP it became part of the O2 group in June 2006.

Despite the takeover, BE broadband retained its name having built up a strong customer reputation and having become established in the market for speed and efficiency. It claims that it allows its users to 'be' whatever and whoever they want to 'be'.

Who is BE Broadband ideal for?

BE Broadband clearly targets those for whom speed is the number one priority. Even its very affordable BE Value package has impressive download speeds up to 8Mb; but online gamers and heavy users will be drawn towards the BE Unlimited and BE Pro deals for their lightning fast 24Mb speeds.

What do you need to get BE Broadband?

  • A BT phone line in a BE Broadband enabled area.
  • An Ethernet port that has a wire connection to be used with the BE Box.
  • Windows 98SE/Mac OS 8.6 or higher.
  • For use with the BE Box you will need a 802.11b or 802.11g wireless data card.

What else does BE Broadband have to offer?

All BE broadband packages come with the free wireless BE Box modem. With this device you can easily connect more than one computer to your BE Broadband connection meaning you get the advantage of several connections for the price of one. It is ADSL 2+ enabled with two voice-over broadband ports.

Additionally, all BE Broadband packages come with a 24/7 support line and if you have BE Pro your membership is prioritised. You should bear in mind that all BE broadband packages have a one-off £24 connection fee on top of the monthly subscription price, BE Unlimited and BE Pro come with a 3 month rolling contract.

What is truly outstanding about the BE Broadband deals is that they offer so many features as standard that you pay extra for with most broadband providers. The company realises that users want fast speeds and unlimited* downloads - and so provides these across the board. You also get the same wireless router no matter which deal you choose.

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