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Consuming the web

The internet is something that most of us will take for granted. Broadband is now an essential part of most households and, for many, getting through the day would be a struggle if we couldn’t surf the net. We can jump online almost anywhere these days and search for what we want instantly. The answers to 99% of all practical questions are just a couple of clicks away. It’s far removed from the days when you’d need to spend time searching through an encyclopaedia!

But as a nation, how do we choose to view this information? We have a decent choice of web browsers to guide us around the internet but it’s the usual suspects who are leading the way. Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari have been the most popular browsers for years and this looks set to continue.

For over a decade Microsoft’s Internet Explorer was leaps and bounds in front of the others, but recently Google’s Chrome browser has jumped to the front of the pack – so change is possible.

We’ve taken a look at how the battle of the browsers has been fought over the years and present what some of the UK’s expert bloggers think about the way we consume the web.

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